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About Our Wedges


Material & Hosel Size

All of our Dice Golf wedges are forged from premium quality 1020 Carbon Steel.

Hosel size: .370

Loft & Bounce & Weight

52 Degree - 10 Bounce

56 Degree - 14 Bounce

60 Degree - 9 Bounce

Weight 305g

The Loft and lie on our wedges can be safely adjusted by +/- 4 degrees. 


Face Milling

All of our wedges feature micro face milling technology, which helps maximize spin on all shots from green-side chips to full swing shots.


Traditional, compact blade design for exceptional workability, feel and control. What's lost in forgiveness is made up for with phenomenal feedback at impact for improved ball striking.


Custom Finish Options

Currently we offer torched oilcan finishes. This finish is achieved by heating up the carbon within the steel. This process produces different colors based on temperature. The color spectrum includes: Gold, Golden Brown, Purple, Blue and steel blue. NOTE: These wedges will rust with time. Oil can be applied to slow down the rusting process.

Finish Durability

Our custom wedge finishes are a simple oxidation layer and will wear off with play. The wedge pictured demonstrates wear after 25 bunker shots, 50 shots off of mats, 50 shots off grass, 100 greenside chips. 


Color Spectrum

Color Spectrum



Light Gold

Dark Gold

Royal Purple

Steel Blue

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