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Customizing Your Wedge

Below we'll take you step by step through the process of customizing your Dice Golf Wedge.

CA Surf Template.png


Custom Wedge Form

If you already have your wedge design properly formatted and ready to go, then all you have to do is fill out our wedge design form.  More info about formatting your design for engraving below.



For best engraving results, images/logos must be formatted into 2D, black and white, with clean lines. Shading, shadows and some details may be lost during this process.

uncle sam yes no_edited.jpg
Trunks MidJ.png

Customer Upload

Trunks Engraver Engraver Format[8209]_ed

What The Engraver See's



Once your image/logo has been formatted for engraving, then it must be placed/sized for the wedge. The template pictured will give you the parameters of engravable space. Anything outside the template lines will be cut off.

Dice Sample.png

Single Logo (No Charge)

Snoopy Customer Design 1.png

  Two Logo's W/Text  ($15 W/One Free Revision)


Need Help? 

Don't have the software, time or experience to do the design yourself? No worries! We can help with that! Dice Golf Customs can provide you with properly sized & formatted logos/images! We have 5 different design options for you to choose from:

Calvin 3.png

Single Logo W/Text (No Charge)

the crew 2.png

         Multi-Logo  ($20 W/One Free Revision)

Patriotic Design 1.png

        Original Design ($35 W/One Free Revision)

*We provide you with a completely original wedge design based on your input*

Additional Information

Turn around time for custom wedges varies based on workload and the number of wedges order, but on average is 3-7 business days per wedge

If you have a logo or image that you would like to use, but are not sure if it will work, please email it to us at before starting your wedge customization form.

When picking logos/images please keep in mind that single line, black & white images will always work best.


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