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How Durable Is The Finish? Will It Wear Off?

The custom color finishes that we offer on our wedges is a oxidation layer and will wear off with play. The oxidized layer does not offer any additional protection for the wedge.

Is There A Way To Prevent My Wedges From Rusting?

Keeping the wedge dry and  applying a thin layer of oil will help slow down the rusting process, but you should expect the wedge to rust with time.

Where Are Your Wedges Sourced From? 

Our wedges are sourced from industry leading golf manufactures in the Fujian province. Each wedge is hand finished, customized and built in Redding California.

Are your wedges legal?

Yes! Our wedges conform to USGA rules.

Can I Add Any Logo/Image To Your Wedges?

We can engrave most logos and designs, however, there are limits and some restrictions. Images and logos with high levels of detail may not work. Simple and clean logos work best. We will not add overly sexual or vulgar material. We will not replicate other companies wedges. 

Will The Engraving Look Exactly Like The Images I Upload?

Images have to be re-formatted for the engraver and may change the look of your image slightly. Below is an example of an uploaded image, re-formatted and, engraved.

punisher 3_edited.png

Can I Create My Own Wedge Design?

Yes! We at Dice Golf welcome customer designs. You can use the Wedge Template below when creating your personal design. Once your design is complete, fill out a                                           and upload your design.


What Is The Turn Around Time For Custom Wedges?

Turn around time will vary, but on average turn around times fall between 10 and 20 business days.

Do You Offer Bulk Or Special Event Pricing?

Yes! Below is a break down of our bulk pricing.


Blank Wedges (Heads Only):

9 or more $40 each. Turn around time 5-10 business days.

Classic Wedges (Heads Only):

7-15 10% off total

16-40 15% off total

41+ 20% off total

Turn around time varies on quantity. On average 15-30 business days


Custom Wedges (Heads Only):

Please send us a email for more information on bulk custom wedges.



Do You Only Customize Scotty Cameron Putters?

Currently yes. We are constantly striving to balance customization options and turn around times. At this time we only work on Scotty Cameron putters from 2013 and newer, which allows us to maximize turn around without sacrificing quality.

Will Customizing My Scotty Cameron Void My Warranty?

It depends on what we do to the putter, but in most cases, any putter customized by any company other than the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop will result in a voided warranty. 

What Is The Turn Around Time For Custom Putters?

Turn around times will vary, but on average turn around times fall between 14 and 25 business days.

Can You Replicate Tour Putters?

No, we will not add Circle T or other "Tour Only" logos and we will not attempt to replicate or reproduce Tour putters.

Can I Trade In My Clubs Towards A New Putter?

Not yet, but this is an option that we are looking to add ASAP! So check back soon!

Do You Guarantee That Your Scotty Camerons Are Authentic?

Yes! Dice Golf guarantees that every product we sell is authentic. We measure weight, milling depth, milling design, head size, head shape and finish to assure the authenticity of each putter. 

Don't See The Answer To Your Specific Question? Contact Us Via The Form Below.


Return Policy:

Dice Golf Customs accepts returns on non custom/customized products within 30 days of purchase. Products must be returned in the same condition received. Custom/Customized products cannot be returned, unless otherwise agreed to and processed at the discretion of Dice Golf Customs. Customers are responsible for any cost associated with the return, including, but not limited to: (shipping cost, packaging, postage, etc.). To assure that returns are processed quickly and correctly, please be sure to provide us with your return ship date and tracking number at: Dice Golf Customs reserves the right to refuse any return and/or refund made in "bad faith", this includes, but is not limited to any attempt to: (defraud, deceive, manipulate, abuse, steal, etc.). 

Defective Products: If you receive a defective product, please contact us at: immediately. 

Click Below for more details on Dice Golf Customs Policies:


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